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The digestive enzymes are preceded by the digestive juices that prepare the ground for them. Once past the mouth, they play a vital role throughout the digestive system.

Digestive enzymes: role of digestive juices

Saliva role is to moisten the food bowl and make accessible boiled to different digestive enzymes of the stomach during digestion .
Hydrochloric acid plays an essential role on gastric that are active compared with proteins. The acid is secreted in abundance by the stomach’s roles:
to absorb vitamin B 12 with a substance present in the gastric juice;
to inhibit the action of salivary amylase;
to perform a disinfecting function against bacteria present in the feed.
Bile, in turn, is made up mainly of bile salts. These have the major role of dispersing fats. This dispersion in millions of tiny droplets is an essential condition to the functioning of digestive enzymes called lipases digesting fats and extra.