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The skin problems affect mostly teenagers at the time of puberty, although some people suffer all their lives. Pregnant women are also often a problem skin, which is characterized by the presence of pimples, blackheads or white spots, dilated pores or skin care that glows. In general, it is especially the face that is affected but sometimes the problem extends to the neck, shoulders, chest and back.

If you have a problem skin, pores that are on the surface of your skin are clogged. Sebum – an oily secretion that preserves the flexibility of the skin – accumulates in the sebaceous glands, with the impurities and dead cells. You notice the appearance of blackheads or small white spots under the skin. Under the action of bacteria growing in clogged pores, blackheads will ignite and form buttons. The phenomenon is often linked to excessive sebum production; that is why the skin problems are also often oily skin.

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